Body Treatments at our Spa in Costa Rica

Traditionally, salt and granulated pumice stone have been used to clean the body and tone the skin. We have followed this tradition and have assembled these body scrubs to suit all skin types.

Stimulating Coffee Body Scrub
Directly from our coffee plantation to your senses, this body treatment combines the stimulating and antioxidant properties of the coffee beans ,creating a unique experience for your skin. Skin is left rejuvenated and revitalizede.

Healing Coconut - Lime Body Scrub
Originating in the tropical zone of Costa Rica, the coconut is the main ingredient of this body wrap ritual. Its properties help restore, hydrate and renovate your skin, increasing elasticity and making it feel silky smooth.

Indulgent Citrus Body Scrub
Restore your mind and positive energy while enjoying this refreshing and sweet body scrub with warm citrus notes dominating the intoxicating aroma.Its boundless antioxidant properties delay the visible signs of aging skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite through micro-circulatory acceleration. It revitalizes the skin,giving it a natural glow.

Purifying Volcano Clay Body Wrap
Discover the secrets of the Costa Rican volcano's clay, rich in minerals that stimulate circulation and help detox your body. This invigorating body wrap purifies your skin and leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing

Tropical Rehydrating Body Wrap
Stimulate your senses and indulge yourself with the aromatic passion fruit, taking pleasure in its magnificent virtues, while papaya provides an anti-stress effect to help raise your spirit and moisturize your skin, Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also acts as a shield, fighting free radicals ad preventing premature aging of skin. your skin will appear radiant and feel smoother.

These 80 minute Journeys use natural resources such as thermal mineral water, purifying algae, mud, essential oils and herbs. These treatments are a Journey for your total well-being and satisfy the body’s craving for minerals and nutrients, leaving the body nourished, mind relaxed and spirit balanced.

Earth Journey
Based on the tradition of using thermal mud, healing waters and light massage therapy, this treatment detoxifies and relaxes. Three treatments in one, this Journey commences with a mud body wrap. The body is then immersed in a bath laden with detoxifying essences and followed by a full body massage using a rejuvenating creme mixed with detoxifying essential oils.

Air Journey
This unique treatment begins with an invigorating coconut particles exfoliation, after which the body is immersed in an aromatherapy mineral bath to soothe the body and mind. A luxurious aromatherapy massage follows the bath.

Water Journey
An ideal way to relax and nourish the body. Beginning with a body wrap of natural-mineral pearl of organic origin with luminosity and antioxidant effects, the body is immersed in a revitalizing bath with essential oils. A luxurious massage finishes the treatment.

Fire Journey
This energizing ritual blends the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils, leaving the body relaxed and revitalized. The treatment begins with a reactivating aromatherapy ritual, followed by an invigorating exfoliation and finishing with a relaxing massage.

enjoy this wonderful body treatment with a base of cocoa, a legacy from our native indigenous culture. have your senses stimulated and rejuvenated through cocoa's beneficial aromatic and therapeutic properties. it will quiet your spirit and allow your to reach a high level of contentment by releasing endorphins. this alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. In addition, it helps to minimize cellulite by rehydrating and firming the skin.

Enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera, ideal for sunburn relief. Refresh and rehydrate your skin with our refreshing Aloe mask.