Massages at our Spa in Costa Rica

Enjoy any of our massages side-by-side in our Couples Suite or privately on your own.
Note: All massages includes a welcoming ritual with an aromatherapy base

Kuo Signature Massage
This relaxing massage starts with a brief stimulation of the senses followed by different techniques such as swedish, therapeutic and lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and promote general well-being.
25min. $55 | 50min. $99 | 80min. $150

Lymphatic Drainage
This treatment utilizes a gentle and specific technique to stimulate the body's lymphatic system. It removes toxins and impurities from the body and reduces stress. Other benefits include boosting the immune system, relief of pain and inflammation and alleviation of insomnia , stress and jet lag.
50min. $110 | 80 min. $155

Sports Massage
This treatment is perfect for athletes to improve performance for competition, to recover from it or to function better during training. Athletes of all levels can benefit from this treatment as well as active individuals. The enhanced physical condition will help you reduce injuries or to have a quicker recovery.
50min. $115 | 90min $159

Deep Tissue Massage
This firm-pressure massage can be a total body experience or an opportunity to address specific areas. A variety of techniques are used to deeply relax stressed muscles and facilitates the release of blockages, tightness and tension.
25min. $59 | 50min. $115 | 80min. $159

Bamboo Massage
Varying lengths of bamboo canes will be utilized with different techniques to detoxify your body, regenerate tissue and liberate energy. It is ideal to improve your circulation, release stress, enhance sensory nerve perception and provide a deep sense of relation and well-being.
50min. $115 | 80min $159

Steaming Stone Therapy
Warm Costa Rican stones and traditional massage strokes create a unique massage experience. As the warm stones glides over your body, muscles are deeply relieved and the total body balance and harmony are restored.
80 min. $165

Performed with the utmost care, this soothing treatment is carefully designed to nurture expectant mothers. Our focus will be to reduce discomfort and swelling associated with pregnancy while providing the mother-to-be with an overall sense of well-being.
50min. $99

Head Massage
This head, face, neck and shoulder massage is excellent to reinforce the nervous system, alleviate headaches and neck pains and improving your memory. This treatment will help to clear the energy channels that cause stress and illness.
25min. $55

This ancient technique stimulates the reflex points of vital organs located in the feet and hands. Helps to improve the immunologic system and to alleviate stress and fatigue.
25 min. $55

Couples Massage
Enjoy any of the above massages side by side with a partner.

Couples Retreat
Add on thirty minutes to your couples massage and enjoy our couples retreat. Please let us know if we can make this experience any more special for you.

Massage Add Ons

Choose and enjoy an aromatic experience that will make you travel to the Orient, the Mediterranean, India or Arabia adding this option to the massage of your choice.