Massages at our Spa in Costa Rica

Enjoy any of our massages side-by-side in our Couples Suite or privately on your own.
Note: All massages includes a welcoming ritual with an aromatherapy base

Tranquility Signature Massage
This relaxing Kuo Spa signature spa signature massage begins with a brief stimulation of the senses followed by various therapeutic techniques such as swedish massage and lyphatic drainage to improve circulation and promote general well-being .

Muscle Relief Massage
This firm-pressure massage can be a total body experience, or it can be used to treat specific areas.A variety of techniques will relax stressed muscles and also provide relief from blockages, tightness and tension .

Head 2 Toe Detoxifying massage
This gentle lymphatic drainage technique stimulates the body's lymphatic system, to remove toxins and impurities from the body,which is often impaired by stress.Benefits of this technique include detoxification to boost the immune system, relieve pain and inflammation, and also combat insomnia, stress, and even jet lag.

Healing Thermal Therapy
Costa Rica warm stones combined with a traditional massage creates a unique experience. The warm stones glide over the body deeply relieving the muscles and restoring total balance and harmony.

Aromatouch Balancing Ritual
Therapeutic massage renews the body's energy, allowing an optimum level of relaxation. It helps to fight fatigue, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve muscle contractions by relaxing endorphins. It also achieves a harmonic balance of mind and body.

Ancestral Restorative Therapy
This therapeutic massage restores vital balance to the body, as it combines stretching,breathing and acupressure techniques. Inspired by the renowned Thai , Brema and Shiatsu massages.

Feet Therapy
This holistic therapy combine physical,mental, emotional and energetic techniques to stimulates reflex points on hands and feet to recover our natural balance and wellbeing.

Harmony Massage
Our craneal massage is ideal to relieve migraine,fatigue and tension caused by stress and daily routine.Very effective will make you feel renovated and relaxed

Calming Massage
This brief treatment localized on back, neck, and shoulder area recharges energy with a therapeutic massage and relieves muscle pain and contractions produced by stres . It provides deep muscle relaxations.

Well Being Massage
This treatment specialized on head, hands and feet zones is highly recommended for those wishing to feel pampered and reach high level of serenity and peace.It greatly benefits circulation, fight mental fatigue and headaches, bringing significant improvement in sleep quality.

Couples Retreat
Enjoy the whispering breeze and swaying trees beside your loved one in our terrace with a private jacuzzi, treating yourselves to chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of wine.

Massage Add Ons

Anti-aging eye treatment : Dimish facial lines,dark circles and puffy eyes with this treatment. Moroccan oil scalp treatment Enjoy this hair treatment with Moroccan Argan Oil while you are taking other spa treatments. You hair will look rehydrated and soft, with an intense natural shine.

Warm Stone Muscle Melt
This alternative therapy will fight stress and tension by means of heated stones. After this treatment you will feel more relaxed and relieved.